by Alyona Nikitina

What’s the secret of these charming Zaykuties?

Alyona Nikitina,

creator of Zaykutie

100% hand-made!

Every Zaykutie is hand-made just for you!

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  • Available for individual orders

Oh, these lifelike eyes!

The most wonderful thing about Zaykuties
is their cute eyes with feathery

Their look is so incredibly

Pleasant to the touch!

Zaykuties are made from artificial mink fur!
Zaykuties are the only toys in the world
made from this unique fur.

Inside every Zaykutie toy there is a special
“anti-stress” filler of high quality.

Zaykuties are so soft and pleasant to touch
that you just want to hug them all the time!

Delicately decorated

We choose only the high-quality fabrics for our Zaykuties!






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Jewellery inlaid!

Paws, ears and even eyelashes of
Zaykuties from exclusive collections
“Diamonds” and “Angels” are decorated with
thousands of sparkling rhinestones!

Such Zaykuties may be
bejeweled with up to
7000 rhinestones!

You can’t help but hug them!

Zaykuties share their warmth
with you and your home!

From the first sight you can’t resist
smiling together with your Zaykutie!

Zaykutie is the cutest toy
you’ve ever seen!

Zaykutie is the cutest toy you’ve ever seen!

Start your adventures!

Zaykuties are perfect to play with!

  • Zaykutie has a flexible body
  • Zaykutie can sit and stand easily
  • All Zaykuties are 13 inches (33 cm) tall
  • No pills on the Zaykutie’s fur
  • Easy to clean with a wet wipe
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Sure to make you smile!

Zaykutie is a perfect present for any occasion

A romantic gift
for your partner
And for no
special reason…
Any memorable

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Unique collection!

All Zaykuties are made as a part of seasonal collections.
The number of Zaykuties in each collection is limited.
Depending on the intricacy of work collection may contain
from 1 to 50 Bunnies.

Let it Snow Collection is limited to 33 units

Choose your Bunny!

Don’t forget: the number of toys in each collection is limited!


Princess of Sweets

Mouth-watering sweets with multicolored powder decorate Emmy's soft pink ears. The creator of culinary masterpieces herself settled on the right ear and was already aiming for a smiling cupcake. The pattern on the ears is echoed by attractive buttons in the shape of a cake, a butterfly and a pie. A pink crown completes the sweet image.




forget-me-not Zaykutie

Inflorescences of miniature forget-me-nots bloomed on Mio's ears and paws. The pattern on the ears is echoed by three buttons with bouquets of summer flowers. The floristic image is completed by a lush headband, assembled from forget-me-nots of different shades of blue.




The Golden Queen

Katerina's ears and paws are decorated with an elegant floral ornament on gold jacquard satin. The luxurious design of the ears repeats the exquisite pendant, the central element of which is a pearl. To match the decoration, the Bunny received a golden nose. The image of Katerina is completed by a weightless golden rim of twigs and pearls with sparkling crystals.




Sweet Princess

Violet-turquoise print of appetizing french dessert decorates Felicity's ears and paws. Her sweet appearance is complemented by three macaron shaped multi-colored buttons. Felicity's head is crowned with a rim adorned with marshmallows and sweets.



How to buy a Zaykutie toy?

One Zaykutie from the primary collection costs:


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Each Zaykutie toy is created specifically for your order during 2-3 days

Full prepayment required before shipping


chocolate mood

Sharon has got a fur coat color of the most delicious chocolate. This Zaykutie ears are decorated with a cozy print made in a candy theme, bringing back memories of romantic dates in a cafe over a milkshake and Belgian waffles. The theme of the ears echoes in a heart-shaped waffle-pendant on the Sharon's chest. This dizzying look is completed by a luxurious tiara of cookies, caramels and chocolates on the head of Sharon.




Zaykutie for Easter

Soft pink spring flowers, decorated with sparkling crystals like with dew drops, bloomed on Oster's ears and paws. In this April garden, Easter bunnies hide in their burrows. One of them hid on Zaykutie's chest in the form of a golden pendant. Oster holds a small basket with some decorated eggs in her paws. A golden inlay crown completes the Easter look.




dove bunny

Sophia's ears are adorned with fluttering snow-white doves, and on the right is Bunny herself, carefully hugging our planet. For greater solemnity, the ears and paws of the Bunny are strewn with crystals. As an outfit, Sofia received a snow-white dress with blue lace trim and a bow. A powdery pink nose and an inlaid crown complete the look of the Bunny.




Floral Charm

Relief gold patterns decorated the ears and paws of the Hare. As if on the stem of a plant, multicolored flowers bloomed on each line. The central element of Louise's image was an airy cape decorated with bright embroidery of spring flowers. Louise got brown eyes and a golden nose. The spring image is completed by a weightless rim of multicolored wildflowers.




Peony Spring

A lush sparkling flower garden adorns the ears and paws of Daurika. The green-pink tones are emphasized by a heart pendant on the chest of a Bunny. A pastel lemon fur coat complements the spring mood. The floral image is completed by a bright Daurika rim made of flowers and beads.




cherry mood

Pale pink blooming cherry tree flowers strew Meg's ears and paws. Several delicious fruits are already ripening among this flower garden, and embroidery in the form of two sweet cherries flaunts on the right ear. An incredibly colorful image is complemented by three flower buttons, cunningly hidden among a snow-white fur coat. The berry motif is completed by a neat rim in a floral theme.




The Beautiful Water Fairy

Aqua reaches out her ears and paws full of sea gifts - multicolored shells strewn with crystals. A sweet cupcake topped with a mermaid tail flaunts on Aqua's right ear among them. Zaykutie comes to the sea party wearing a fluffy pink and blue skirt and bikini shells with stars and pearls. A tiara made of shells and sparkling pearls completes the majestic look of Aqua.




The beauty of contrast

The highlight of the Zaykutie was her shiny black fur coat. Audrey received contrasting ears decorated with an inlaid portrait of the style icon of the same name. There are three heart buttons on the chest of the Zaykutie, emphasizing the ornament on the ears. The same hearts adorn the velvet headband on Audrey's head. A neat silver nose completes the look.




Sparkling Brilliance

Marilyn received bright ears decorated with rich inlay in the shape of diamonds - the best friends of Zaykuties. There are three diamond buttons on the chest of the beauty, perfectly emphasizing the luxurious image of the Bunny. The Bunny's head is decorated with an inlaid ribbon, shimmering with hundreds of sparkling crystals! The image is completed by expressive blue eyes and a silver nose!




Dream Zaykutie

Enchanted marshmallow clouds adorn Sleepy's ears. The Zaykutie herself takes a walk among them, holding a favorite toy in a paw, like in the most colorful dreams. Sleepy has already prepared to sleep and put on cozy pajamas with a heart print and a nightcap with a tassel. Zaykutie holds her favorite cloud pillow in the paw and sets off towards her enchanted dreams in the cozy pink slippers.



Choco sweet

Sweet Zaykutie Cookie

The mouth-watering kingdom of delicious sweets beckons to the Zaykuties with lollipops and cookies. In this world of chocolate rivers, two sweet tooths live, whose carefree walk adorns the left ear of Choco Sweet. One Zaykutie is already enjoying a warm chocolate milk and cookies on the right ear. Choco Sweet got a cozy jacket with a hood and brown pants. Zaykutie puts on matching shoes decorated with chocolate chips and cookies. All the sweets of Choco Sweet washes down with milk, the box of which he holds in his paws.A stylish panama hat decorated with a Zaykutie brooch completes the cute look.




sweet tooth

The road to the candy store adorns the left ear of the Bunny. Along the way, you can meet Barbara, who gently squeezes an armful of colorful balloons in her paws. The candy store itself adorns Barbara's right ear. Lollipops and balloons are sold in a candy cart near the shop. For a trip to the Candy Shop, Bunny put on a bright pink leather trench coat, a matching handkerchief and shoes with crystals and bows. Barbara's sweet mood is complemented by a flamingo brooch and an appetizing lollipop-heart in paws. The incredibly pink image is completed by a beret on the head of a Bunny, decorated with crystals.



Cookie sweet

Sweet Zaykutie Cookie

The mouth-watering kingdom of delicious sweets beckons to the Zaykutie with lollipops and cookies. In this world of chocolate rivers, two sweet tooths live, whose carefree walk adorns Cookie Sweet's left ear. One Zaykutie is already enjoying a warm chocolate milk and cookies on the right ear. Cookie Sweet received a soft pink blouse and a stylish sundress decorated with a heart and chocolate chips. For walks in the sweet kingdom, the Zaykutie puts on brown shoes decorated with chocolate chips and cookies. A stylish headband decorated with a Zaykutie brooch completes the cute image.




Swan Princess

Turquoise-purple shades of a swan lake decorate Odette's ears and paws. Stormy waters splashed over the fabric with a sparkling inlay and the enchanted swan herself lurked among the waves on the right ear. Zaykutie puts on a luxurious off-the-shoulder lace dress with some blue crystals and inlay on it to emphasize the tone of her natural black fur coat. Princess also wears silver shoes on her paws. A ferronniere made of multicolored crystals completes the magical look.




sweet glaze

Sweet rivers of chocolate glaze decorate the ears and paws of Glace. For added luxury, the print is complemented with sparkling inlay. The chocolate mood of the image is complemented by three candy buttons on the chest. The sweet image is completed by a tiara of frozen glaze, seasoned with chocolate beads.




golden flower

A golden pattern of a wonderful spring bouquet adorns the ears and paws of Princess Anariel. Like dewdrops, each flower is sprinkled with sparkling crystals. The same delicate white-gold flowers with pearls inside bloomed on the chest of a Bunny in a natural snow-white fur coat. The floral image of Anariel is completed by a luxurious tiara with sparkling crystals.




Silver passion | SILVER 925 °

Ears and paws of the Zaykutie are decorated with luxurious ivory jacquard. Ellen's fur coat made of natural flamingo colour fur perfectly complements the bright trim. Zaykutie's brown eyes contrast with the tone of her fur coat. There is a crown made of 925 sterling silver on Ellen's head. Zaykutie's nose and the exquisite pendant on the her chest are made of this precious metal as well. All jewellery items meet the quality standards and are properly branded.




Simply Golden | Gold '585

This princess Goldie has come from the first Royal collection, and now she will prove her really golden name! For ears and paws of Goldie I used natural noble golden suede pleasant to the touch. The Zaykutie got natural peach-pink fur and dark-chocolate eyes with fluffy eyelashes. There are carved rose-shaped buttons on the Zaykutie's belly, which are made of 585 gold. Followed by a polished golden nose and a charming beautiful crown, finely crafted from 585 gold as well. This combination of decoration and jewelry accessories creates a one of a kind luxury look! All precious items meet jewelry standards and bear quality mark.




Princess of the night | SILVER 925 °

The Zaykutie received natural fur of an amazing bluish-black shade. The ears of Nocturne are adorned with luxurious brocade with a silver and gold ice pattern. On the chest of the Zaykutie there are 3 buttons-bows made of silver with cubic zirconia cores. Nocturne's head is crowned with a crown - a piece of jewelry made of 925 sterling silver. The nose is also made of this precious metal. All precious items are in accordance with jewelry standards and are properly branded.




Golden Dream

Elegant bracelet made of high quality 585 gold bearing the Zaykutie logo: Zaykutie reaching for the small star, which symbolizes the biggest and pure dream. My dream is to create a world of beautiful things and introduce it to as many people as possible. I'm working hard to realize my dream through Zaykuties and everything that surrounds them. The bracelet is also available in pink or white gold and in 925 silver($89).




The tenderness of Zaykutie's embrace

Cozy images of Zaykuties became the inspiration for creation of this stylish and warm sweatshirt. It's made of quality knitwear with a high cotton content and has an underside so soft, that will make you feel as if you are embraced by gentle Zaykutie. The jewel of this sweatshirt is a unique embroidery of brand's logo done in gentle-lilac color. Also the sweatshirt is complemented with signature tags. The most special tag is sewn to a lining with an anniversary print. The sweatshirt is available in XS size



Collectible figurines

Miniatures collection

Zaykutie Princesses now available in miniature! Like with the development of any Bunny, their creation started from a sketch. Based on that the 3D-models of the figurines were created, and only then they were cast in form. Each miniature was painted by hand. The Bunnies collection consists of 9 unique figurines - three in each of the following series: Dreams, Magic and Princess. There are sleepy Bunnies with their favorite toys, the wizards from the Pigletannia kingdom, and even the charming princesses of the royal court. Figurines are available for order in the gift display-case with 10 small bags inside.




The Wedding Couple Zaykuties

These Zaykuties symbolize union of hearts and they never part! Julie the Bride holds a magnificent bouquet in her paws while her head is decorated with a sparkling tiara and a wedding veil. Richie the Bridegroom is wearing a snow-white suit vest with a festive buttonhole!




Unique look of your Zaykutie

When a suit and a dress are not enough, together we can create a unique look for your Zaykutie! A hip-hop Bunny or a Fairy Bunny, an Oriental princess or a Ballerina Bunny - your imagination is the only limit!



Bespoke Zaykutie

Custom made Zaykutie just for You

Unique Zaykutie's image customized to Your every desire. This includes personalized fabric selection, bejewelling of ears, paws and heels, and also a jewel inlaid Princess dress. All this will make Your Zaykutie truly one of a kind!


You can order hand-made
case gift wrapping
for your Zaykutie!
You can order
a special tag with
a name or congratulation!


An inlaid Princess dress

Every Princess must have a luxurious dress! A dress is made individually for each Zaykutie from soft satin combined with fine lace and organza. Unique inlaid work with sparkling crystals completes the look!




Zaykutie shoes

Fashionable sneakers in tone with overalls will allow to create stylish and at the same time cozy and casual image for your Zaykutie. Sneakers are especially useful for travelling the world and having a walk in the park!




Combinable looks set

At the Workshop we have prepared a whole wardrobe of clothes specially for your Zaykuties - a bright spring set of 15 pieces, complementing each other and that will fit any Zaykutie! The set can include 5, 8 or all the 15 pieces, allowing You to get a considerable discount for each item.

Set #5 (any 5 pcs) - $139

Set #8 (any 8 pcs) - $179

Set #15 (whole wardrobe) - $259


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Zaykutie help children!

By ordering Zaykuties you take part
in “Zaykutie for kids” charity program!

Portion of the proceeds goes to
Children’s Centre “Sunflower” Fund,
which takes care of kids with special needs.

Under protection of the law

Zaykutie are unique and hand-made designer toys protected by the copyright law.

The Zaykutie’s image is patented by Alyona Nikitina
designer of Zaykutie.

Imitation of Zaykutie’s image is illegal
and is punishable by a fine of $100,000